Learning to breathe…

Life takes turns on its own and you are always in an ocean. Most of the time, you’re on a ship—a ship of your dreams or a ship of your wishes or something else. But there are times when it breaks and you fall in the water. The waves become walls of water, ready to […]

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Close your eyes with me, We’ll be free to dream, Of all the things that you love, Of what the future may seem… Here, hold my hand, I promise I won’t let go, Feel the strength where Our love can grow… Laugh with me, While we sleep, Talk with me and Make memories to keep… […]

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I’m sad but I can’t cry

I’m very sad, but I can’t cry, My eyes burn but they remain dry, What is this happening? I wonder… Is my heart dying and so am I? I feel pain, I feel I do… The emptiness in my heart, I feel it too, But how to release this weight, I’m unsure, How can I […]

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Echoes in the Rain

My heart will always beat Through all the love and all the pain, But what keeps it really going Are the echoes in the rain! All my love that was Yours, Was so deep and so insane, But what it is becoming Are the echoes in the rain! Memories of smiles that were real, Of […]

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Crazy in the Moonlit Night

I dip my feet in the still water Create ripples in my heart, It’s that feeling that you’d be alright Being crazy in the moonlit night! I walk where Darkness crawls and whirls, Hide the flowers in my heart, I want to be hazed out of sight And be crazy in the moonlit night! I […]

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Just a thought -1

“I want to turn into water, And rain down back to earth” – Amy This isn’t a blog post as you can see… Thought of sharing just a feeling I had… Copyright (c) 2018 Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.

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Break up? Break up! Break up.

Written in response to a challenge from a friend: “Write a story that will never give a sense of complain or look backs in the past, or death (that’s a no no). However the theme of the story should be on a break up.” “That’s it, then. You’re off to a fresh start!”—exclaimed Ayn as […]

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Four Tiny Dank Tales on Love

Mind: There, now you’re all repaired and perfect. Heart: Yay! Let me talk to him!! After 5 mins… Mind: Now, now… I’ll get my thread and needles… You’ve made me that room in which you make love to someone else while I stretch myself to protect you from everything. O Unfaithful Mind, How do you […]

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Losing Your Mind…

Have you ever realised How it feels to slowly lose your mind? It’s gradual, so you catch every bit Yet, you cannot stop it and rewind? Have you felt the world is Slowly closing down on you? The doors you thought were open Were but illusions and untrue? The life you imagined you’d have Is […]

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…I touched the stars

Born in the downtrodden slum under the Hodulia Bridge in Jammatnagar, I was neither privileged nor much wanted. But I happened… I was the fifth child of a 37-year-old woman, with no one to look after us. She worked in the rich people’s homes but earned too little to feed her growing brood. We ate […]

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Day 243rd

‘Do you think I’m forgetting something?’ she asked. I looked into her eyes, trying my best to say ‘Yes’. ‘I think I am.’, she continued. ‘It’s 10th November… a Tuesday… There is something I cannot remember, Charlie.’ I took out my collected stash of one and two dollar coins that Maxine would either drop or forget […]

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Drifting Apart…

Have you ever observed how it feels When two hands holding each other Lets go, slowly? Have you noticed How the fingers untangle themselves; How the palms let air fill up the space in between? I have. I have seen it happen, To me and to many people around… I have seen how tears warm […]

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Was it your hand, I thought I felt? Was it? Are you here, my dear? I can smell your presence though… Tell me please, if you’re near… Tell me what you see outside — Isn’t there a big window about here? I feel the sunlight gently warm my palms, I can tell the sky is […]

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Love You Like You love Me

Hey, give me your love, In the shape of the sky, Paint my fear with your colours Whenever I wish to cry… Let your feelings hold my heart Like the water in a bay, Love me to stop me, To tell me, it’s okay… Shelter me when The hurricane breaks me over, Let your heartbeats […]

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Last night I had a dream

Last night I had a dream- Where a little girl came walking down the lane… In her hand she held flowers And told me that they’re not for sale…   I smiled at her, Thinking that is what she expected to see, But she looked at her flowers and said, “Fake smiles they can never […]

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Nature’s Love

The waves kept crashing into the ship. One after another, they broke on the deck and created the highest crests and deepest troughs the Capt’n had even seen in his 25 years at sea… It was as if the captain had to decide to change the usual course. The waves kept coming, relentlessly. The Capt’n […]

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For ever and a day

“Mom”, he piped. No one replied… “Mooooooomm”, he called, this time with all the strength he had in his tiny chest. He was feeling so sorry for himself. It was that stupid accident in school that put him in that hospital bed! The monitor on his left, that showed waves of green and kept beeping […]

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