A Letter from a Mother to her Son

A mother and son, holding hands P.C.- http://footage.shutterstock.com/
A mother and son, holding hands
P.C.- http://footage.shutterstock.com/

My dear, beloved son,

Years went by so swiftly that

You’re already at the threshold of your twentieth birthday,

And I am a little surprised

To, all of a sudden, realise it, this way…

I am sitting alone in my room tonight,

Flipping through the memories in my mind,

I have your album here at hand,

I’m reliving those days as I slowly rewind…

You were so little and fragile,

I remember holding your trembling hands,

Moments of our little smiles and giggles,

In my memory, clearly stands…

Soon you’ll be out in the world,

Finding your answers on your own,

I want you to follow your passion,

And find the true meaning for your soul…

Oh, here is a picture,

When for the first time you went for a trip,

Oh, here is another,

When we walked the streets in an aimless grip!

…Over these years I watched you grow,

We laughed and we cried together,

So many times I scolded you,

And then hugged you till you would be sober…

I want you to learn more and more

Never bow down in self-pity,

Earn your respect and earn it well,

Make a mark with your own identity…

As you’ll become a nice, young man

Your need of me will take a back seat,

I don’t mind that though it’ll be hard

Because that’s the way relationships feat…

I have given to you, all my strength,

All of my love and knowledge,

Now it’s your turn to prove to yourself

How true you are to your pledge…

I will wait for your glory to shine,

It doesn’t mean you have to be some rich king,

It hints at your becoming a happy soul,

It means you must come to be a good human being…

I do not care if my womb didn’t make you,

I do not care if my blood is not in your veins,

Because I know you’ve learnt my values,

And in you my wisdom reigns…

I have always been your best friend,

And forever, for you, I’ll be right hither,

If ever you need to take a little rest,

Just turn around and come to your mother…

-Love you.

Copyright (c) 2014 Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “A Letter from a Mother to her Son

  1. My oldest daughter turned 19 in January and moved into her own place a few months ago. It took me almost that long to get the courage to go into her now empty room to get it ready for my youngest daughter’s 13th birthday as a “gift.” It’s definitely a carousel of feelings — pride, sadness, optimism, worry — spinning around inside when that time comes as a parent. This was a beautiful expression of those feelings. Truly well done.


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