The World…

The frescoes show horizons bright,
Where it’s adorned with the Holy light,
Frenzies talk of the built and the destroyed,
And reason with all null and void,
The light that leads hides behind a cloud,
The nightingales sing with the vultures aloud,
The same old sun and the same old moon,
Takes turns to bring light and equal gloom,
Fair is foul and foul is fair,
Hungry predators snarl and stare,
The Darkness reeks of some gory murder,
In Light grows grass over the coffins under,
The cries of a child call for a mother,
In disguise comes the Devil to its care,
The Church bells ring with a loud, heavy resonance,
Time chimes on with its myriad illusions,
The water flows on, it never stops,
The scholars note and sing the Scops,
Time diddles, people get doped,
Those who fell are those who hoped,
Lackluster covers those in the cradles,
The rich gets spoils for their beds and empty bridles,
The earth moves on and so does time,
WE are but puppets, lame and mime!!

Copyright2014. Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.

Fair is foul & Foul is fair...
Fair is foul & Foul is fair…

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