I am an Indian

My heart beats can be counted, my pulses can be checked, my life can be measured but how to assess, deconstruct the storm inside? My first identity to the rest of the world is that I am an Indian. But is it the same with the rest of my fellow Indians? Why, today, I have overflowing reasons to feel shame in my country’s name when during my childhood, I spent days marveling on the rich history and legacy that my country has? The first recorded history of India dates back to 7500 B.C. In my unaware, not so worldly mind, I have so many positive reasons to proudly say my country is one of the best in the world, complete with nature’s beauty, heritage, monuments, diversity in cultures, languages, traditions, ethnicity and more. But now when I think of my country, I feel a certain pain. I feel distorted, torn and hurt.

In spite of having centuries of long lists of invasions, reigns, dynasties, influences, India has always absorbed, grown and taken in. Then today, what has got into us that we have so many reasons to fall apart? Why can’t we find one reason to be together? Why are rape, violence and frustrations so much a part of our existence? Why are people becoming so selfish? Why is religion dominating friendships, coexistence, and humanity? Why is alcohol the only mode of enjoyment and not an option for so many youths? Why is weed the only drug to be creative in colleges and after? Why is the media not bothered to publish an accomplishment of an insignificant Indian rather than publishing hot fashion trends depicting men and women in undergarments? Why the front page of a newspaper has gory pictures of a massacre or ads of a sale rather than some soothing news and information about the good things in our country? Why are movies so bent on making a sexy item song with provoking visuals? Why are people so unthinking and negative?

There are so many questions which cannot be answered but can be sufficed by the suggestion that everyone is frustrated with something or the other. My country is the birthplace of four worldly religions and is home to so many. I believe religion is a peaceful retreat to calm the mind and forgo dogmas. But my country is in distress today… Her people don’t smile at each other on the road. Her people don’t have the courage to help a dying Indian on the road because of the atrocities and harassment that might follow an act of kindness… Her people are afraid and self-centered… And I feel my country has forgotten to live.

Even with all her diversities of 21 official languages, over 1200 dialects, 36 states, and more, the name on the globes and atlases is one-India. And I believe my country is beautiful. Somewhere there are people like me who believe in helping, spreading happiness to the people around. When I meditate, I meditate to positivity and I feel no difference between the feeling of God and Positivism. I offer my prayers at Mosques, Churches, Temples, Gurdwaras, alike, because I believe all forms and identities of God ultimately teaches us to be humane, considerate, kind and positive. All this is my country in totality and I belong to my country—I am an Indian.

Let’s not forget to live. If we live, my country will live again. Let’s change the news reported daily from what people read and cry to what people will smile to. Let’s believe within ourselves to do one good deed and make one soul smile every day. Out of 1.27 billion people living in India, I believe even if half the population wishes to smile and have a different tomorrow, it is powerful enough to make a difference. There will be a happier tomorrow for my country.

I believe in it.

Rising Sun... Courtesy: http://goo.gl/3lYbNE
Rising Sun…
Courtesy: http://goo.gl/3lYbNE

Copyright2014. Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.


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