She’s the one person who changed his life, he said. She’s the one friend who unlocked the dark rooms in his mind and filled them with light, he said. She’s the only soul who could feel his pulse, he said. He could hear her laughter in his thoughts. He could hear her voice in his mind. He could feel her hands on his heart. He could get her scent in the air. He felt he was on fire—the fire of love. He hurts because of it but still he longs. He longs to see her eyes that make him smile. He aches to feel her presence around him… He learns everything she teaches him much like verdicts being engraved on a stone. Before he sleeps, he closes his eyes to her smiling image.
In his mind, behind all the animations of his present, her name glows like his only constant truth and strength. She shows him the light of hope when times become difficult. She holds his hands when he’s afraid or anxious. She pets him like her child when he’s worried and uneasy. She reminds him to eat on time every day. She is an answer to a lot of his questions that he could never ask or figure out. She’s always there for him. She makes him laugh a lot… She decides if the girl he wants to date is good enough or not! She’s always the understanding sister, caring mother, ridiculous lover and loving companion who’s with him…

She’s his friend… Best friend.

Best friends!! P.C.:
Best friends!!

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