Happy Birthday My Love!

The waters of the sea,

Reflect the sky,

The happiness in my heart,

Reflects in my eye.

The silver moon draws

Her designs at night,

My dreams and hopes feed

The soft scented breeze

Makes the trees play,

My heart dangles along

With every little thing you say.

The sun gives the light

And the hope of another day,

You give me a reason

To spend mine in a better way.

The chirping birds fly

With their wings spread out wide,

My heart takes their flight

When I see you smiling, deep inside.

When raindrops fall

Pitter-patter to the ground,

My heart takes a bath

In the joy of having you around.

Silently the wind drives the clouds

Across the vast blue dome,

I watch and feel it’s almost time when

You’d come back home.

And you’re so special

That everything falls short,

You’re my little world,

My strength and my resort!

I want to wish you,

With all my heart and love,

Happy Birthday, dear,

Happy Birthday, my dove!

In your light.

P.C.: http://goo.gl/AqWBfq

Written by a lover for her love on his birthday!

Dated: Aug. 2010

Copyright2015. Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.


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