I have no idea how my parents decided on this name for me. I have never had anything to do with Greece and neither did my parents! But I’m going to visit someday soon! My name suggests I am a lover of the moon and ultimately it is quite true. I love the moon. I love wolves. I love wilderness. I love imagination.

My mornings begin in the same routine I had set up ages ago. My coffee maker ticks once my coffee is brewed and I roll out of the bed to the table. There is a long, long window on the wall opposite to where I sit. I open it on my way to the table and I sip my coffee watching the morning.

No, I am yet to adopt the style of grabbing my mobile phone and checking updates even before I have woken up properly. My friends say I am late in catching up with trends but the truth is I love my rags and I don’t care about trends! Trends come and go, don’t they? If I want to ride the wave, I visit the sea, ride real waves… That makes me happy.

The last couple of years had been a storm. I had a boyfriend and he had my life! I mean, I don’t know what forced me to give in to all the nonsense I actually put up with, really. Whenever I try to understand that, I’m, totally blank! Lapse of all reasons, I guess. I realized, from the time we broke up, I have become happier and I am living better. Thank God this happened! You know how it happened? He fell for some other girl. I pity that girl. She’d know soon enough, though. You suffer. You begin to suffer right from when you know it. Until then, all sunshine seems smiling. All heat seems like warmth. And lo! Everything changes when you begin to suffer. The sunshine seems bitter, like another long day of filth. The heat scorches you, blisters your skin… We all know that feeling, don’t we?

You know, I have a small habit. I’ll confess. It’s not like I am ashamed of it but it is kind of weird. Wherever I visit, apart from taking pictures, I take something from there. Not that I steal. Sometimes I ask politely and I get it. Other times, I just take it. I’m 30 years old and I have scrapbooks, diaries. My house is full of these fond memories. Sand and shells in jars that I got from various beaches, with the beach name on a tag… Albums, numbered, dated and maintained… Bills, coffee mugs, t-shirts, beer mugs, etc. from restaurants… Key chains with a piece of the place I bought it from… Tissue papers with the name of where it was given to me… And lots of things like these. Oh… These big netted lampshades you see, I made them. I like doing such kinds of stuff.

A letter and a BIG box came by the courier just now. It said, Ms. Philomène Roy! Sounds funny, isn’t it? But I’m over all jokes with this… Let’s read the letter and see what’s in the box:

Dearest Philly,
I haven’t seen you in a long while. I wish to meet you soon. Happy Birthday! Well, a lot of things have changed in my life lately. But I am doing fine. I am sending you a small present on your birthday, just to run you through the events of my life and tell you where I stand. Somehow, I took to your compelling habit of collecting mementos and here are some. I wish we could collect together… Have a look!

The box has a lot of things in it… I think I will need some time to go through them. The most important and latest one is this photograph, taken last month, with parents, all look happy and smiling… Wait, what is this…?? Hmmm…


Copyright2015. Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.


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