I’m so tired, I can’t even cry…

What’s the worth of a tear that falls?

What’s the worth of a voice that trembles?

What’s the worth of a heart that shrinks?

What’s the worth of a feeling that dissembles?

You do your best, not to twitch,

Even if words leave scars, deep and open,

You do your best, to pick up after you,

But feel utterly crippled and broken?

You breathe heavily,

Your eyes begin to pain,

Your head feels heavy,

Your life feels vain…

How do you change what you chose to keep?

How do you hate what you love?

How do you let go of what keeps coming back?

How do you have nothing to speak of?

How do you forget that feeling when

Your eyes warm up and tears run down?

How do you work against your mind and

Mute your retorts and smoothen your frown?

You do not forget that words are worse,

They cut and wound you in a wink of an eye…

You still try to mend yourself, still try to cope,

Still try to save a bad goodbye…

Pinture Courtesy: http://goo.gl/dx6e0K
Pinture Courtesy: http://goo.gl/dx6e0K

Copyright2015. Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.


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