Beyond The Horizon…

How is it that some people just tend to hear your heartbeat and feel your fastened breaths without even knowing you that close when others are as unfeeling as ever? How is it that you meet right people at the wrong time or wrong people at the right time? Do you even feel like you want to stop the time and look back, look ahead and look around?

Why is darkness always associated with gloom, sadness, fear and negativity? Darkness can also be beautiful because it is for darkness that we have learnt to appreciate light. Why can’t we appreciate light and darkness alike, in a balanced way? Why do we often succumb to darkness and fall weak? Why do we long for someone else to bring us a torch, show us the way? Some of us do do things on our own… I appreciate that. But there is a poignant feeling… somewhere… that what could-have-been seems more attractive that what is…

We need to nurture what we have… Learn… Balance… and watch horizons widen.

Beyond the horizon... P.C.:
Beyond the horizon…

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