Quotes by Adara – 2

??? Thinking? P.C.: http://goo.gl/ey7Omy
??? Thinking?
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ey7Omy

06.01.15 – There is nothing right or wrong. There are only decisions to abide by.

In your will, lies your strength... P.C.: http://goo.gl/ZwScDC
In your will, lies your strength…
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ZwScDC

07.01.15 – In your heart lies your will and in your will lies your strength. The mind is just the administrator.

Wake up!! P.C.: http://goo.gl/vR7VZ4
Wake up!!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/vR7VZ4

08.01.15 – To wake up with a smile is a virtue than a luxury.

Love... P.C.: http://goo.gl/onqJS0
P.C.: http://goo.gl/onqJS0

09.01.15 – Be it love for a sister, brother, father, mother, closest friends or spouse or even a pet or anyone, anything for that matter, the element of love is the same, only attributions to the relationship are different.

Colourful... P.C.: http://goo.gl/ajSiLB
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ajSiLB

10.01.15 – In my world, everything is colourful. Black is only in shadows.

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