For ever and a day

“Mom”, he piped. No one replied…

“Mooooooomm”, he called, this time with all the strength he had in his tiny chest. He was feeling so sorry for himself. It was that stupid accident in school that put him in that hospital bed!

The monitor on his left, that showed waves of green and kept beeping steadily otherwise, seemed to increase its speed. Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep! Still, nothing happened. He kept looking at the door. Neither did anyone answer him, nor did Mom come running in as usual. He wondered what’s the matter… Mom was supposed to be here. And, she isn’t.

Outside his cabin, Mom wept in silence as she heard the doctor say, “We’ve tried everything. You know that. And, we’re very sorry… You have about a month’s time left with him. There’s nothing more that we can do.”

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Copyright © 2017. Amrita Kar Roy



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