Cherishing Uncertainty in a Certain Way

It was only this one seed that made it out of that hell’s kitchen… It slipped from the Mad Hatter’s hands when she was washing the lot and swam to safety through the drains.

“By now, all the others would be cooked and eaten…”, the seed thought to itself and felt broken, cold and alone.

A crow spotted it and flew down. Swoop! The crow now crept towards it, one step at a time. “Oh no! I got to hide.”, thought the seed. It pushed itself into the soft mud underneath a stone. The crow pecked here and the crow pecked there, but the seed stayed put. Sometime later (which seemed like ages), the crow left.

The seed came out of the hiding and started its journey to find a beautiful place to germinate. The seed reached a river bank and now it was happy. This seemed like the perfect spot! As it wriggled its way into the soil, dreaming of becoming a magnificent tree soon, it heard a piercing rattle at a distance… Some humans, who talked and walked like that Mad Hatter it escaped from, had big machines that made screeching sounds and they were…they were killing a tree…a beautiful tree just like what the seed wanted to become… Tears swelled in the little seed. Questions clouded its mind. Why? Why kill us? Why the laughter for a crime? Scared, confused and terrified, the seed dug and dug deeper into the soil until the sound of murder faded to a faint mumble. The dark and the coziness of the surrounding seemed better than the horror outside. The seed fell asleep…

After a couple of days, the baby green shoot popped out and a baby root crawled down. The seed knew this is it… Now it is time to grow, see the sun, grow towards it and touch the sun and the moon and the stars. All the big trees do it, so can it.

Days passed quickly… Sometimes, from somewhere far away, the murderous rattles and rumbles kept scaring the little seed.

But for now, its heart is throbbing alright…

Copyright © 2017. Amrita Kar Roy



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