Drifting Apart…

Have you ever observed how it feels

When two hands holding each other

Lets go, slowly? Have you noticed

How the fingers untangle themselves;

How the palms let air fill up the space in between?

I have. I have seen it happen,

To me and to many people around…

I have seen how tears warm the eyes,

How they roll down the cheeks in silence…

What wins is Silence, above all,

Afraid, if broken, it might end what’s left…

How people choose to just keep quiet

And let things happen to their feelings…

And sense again and again

Deep in their hearts,

How the cold creeps in to their spring…

I wonder how people just stand there,

Incapable of voicing how they feel,

Incapable of telling others they’re aching inside,

Captured in their own prison of hurt…

Have you observed how the hands move away,

Let go from holding to what they felt was dear,

Let go to find new joy because the old is difficult,

Let go because physical distance bothers them?

Some people are but toys to their own feelings…

They choose to forget the one who helped them fly,

They want to find another, who can fly with them now,

And they don’t mind a sudden, weird goodbye!

Copyright (c) 2018 Amrita Kar Roy. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Victoria Bilsborough on Unsplash

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