For ever and a day

“Mom”, he piped. No one replied… “Mooooooomm”, he called, this time with all the strength he had in his tiny chest. He was feeling so sorry for himself. It was that stupid accident in school that put him in that hospital bed! The monitor on his left, that showed waves of green and kept beeping […]

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Quotes by Adara – 2

06.01.15 – There is nothing right or wrong. There are only decisions to abide by. 07.01.15 – In your heart lies your will and in your will lies your strength. The mind is just the administrator. 08.01.15 – To wake up with a smile is a virtue than a luxury. 09.01.15 – Be it love […]

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I have no idea how my parents decided on this name for me. I have never had anything to do with Greece and neither did my parents! But I’m going to visit someday soon! My name suggests I am a lover of the moon and ultimately it is quite true. I love the moon. I […]

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Where’s the problem?

Most teenage dreams are shattered because of the slight differences that they fail to realize, between Love and Infatuation. I found an article on it in and felt it is worth sharing. Hope you will enjoy reading this study. Love and Infatuation are both intense emotions that one feels for another person. These feelings are most often confused for […]

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“Hey! So, you were made last night?” “Yes… And I’m not so happy you know…” “Yeah… I can guess that from your tone… But what type are you?” “I’m really sad…” “Aww… That’s not good…” “Are you a happy one?” “Oh yes, I am a really happy one!” “It’s a pity we can’t see each […]

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Somebody is Me…

I have huge wings that I cannot hide and a feeling in my heart that I cannot deny. I am in such a fix that there is no going ahead and no turning back either. I am hoping to find an answer soon…  But I don’t know how… I have never seen so much blood […]

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Dear Diary…

Dear Diary, I don’t know what was in it… What happened in those months and why is it gone now …  But I’ll still like to pen down the beginning for you to know…  May be I’m telling you more because I want to tell myself my story again… I don’t know. It was his […]

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