She’s the one person who changed his life, he said. She’s the one friend who unlocked the dark rooms in his mind and filled them with light, he said. She’s the only soul who could feel his pulse, he said. He could hear her laughter in his thoughts. He could hear her voice in his […]

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The Unfortunate Indians

Famous Indian playwright, Mahesh Dattani, has played a key role in opening my eyes to the sordid truths that lie in the depths of our Indian society. I love his plays and have learnt many new things about the taboos that rule supreme in the Indian ideological paraphernalia. As a Nation, we are too stereotyped […]

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Somebody is Me…

I have huge wings that I cannot hide and a feeling in my heart that I cannot deny. I am in such a fix that there is no going ahead and no turning back either. I am hoping to find an answer soon…  But I don’t know how… I have never seen so much blood […]

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