Last night I had a dream

Last night I had a dream- Where a little girl came walking down the lane… In her hand she held flowers And told me that they’re not for sale…   I smiled at her, Thinking that is what she expected to see, But she looked at her flowers and said, “Fake smiles they can never […]

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I am an Indian

My heart beats can be counted, my pulses can be checked, my life can be measured but how to assess, deconstruct the storm inside? My first identity to the rest of the world is that I am an Indian. But is it the same with the rest of my fellow Indians? Why, today, I have […]

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Love Letter – 2

My dearest, my dream-catcher, How you manage to weave a dream for me every time I try to sleep and make me smile is something I need to understand. Not because you do it too well, but because I want to learn how to do the same for you. Here I am, waiting for you. […]

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When the day begins and you open your eyes, Sleep melts into consciousness… You start walking again on your walk of life Until you find sleep, waiting for you, To soothe your mind… To help you find… What’s there, hidden deep… In the subconsciousness, Where secrets creep… In the dreamy world, Where thoughts reap… And you […]

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The World…

The frescoes show horizons bright, Where it’s adorned with the Holy light, Frenzies talk of the built and the destroyed, And reason with all null and void, The light that leads hides behind a cloud, The nightingales sing with the vultures aloud, The same old sun and the same old moon, Takes turns to bring […]

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Love Letter – 1

My Dearest, I sit here tonight, at my usual study desk, in a pensive mood. The wind is playing with the curtains and the moon is out in the sky for her nocturnal walk. I just don’t feel sleepy enough to crawl under my sheets yet. I am thinking of you. I have been thinking […]

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The Unfortunate Indians

Famous Indian playwright, Mahesh Dattani, has played a key role in opening my eyes to the sordid truths that lie in the depths of our Indian society. I love his plays and have learnt many new things about the taboos that rule supreme in the Indian ideological paraphernalia. As a Nation, we are too stereotyped […]

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Where’s the problem?

Most teenage dreams are shattered because of the slight differences that they fail to realize, between Love and Infatuation. I found an article on it in and felt it is worth sharing. Hope you will enjoy reading this study. Love and Infatuation are both intense emotions that one feels for another person. These feelings are most often confused for […]

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“Hey! So, you were made last night?” “Yes… And I’m not so happy you know…” “Yeah… I can guess that from your tone… But what type are you?” “I’m really sad…” “Aww… That’s not good…” “Are you a happy one?” “Oh yes, I am a really happy one!” “It’s a pity we can’t see each […]

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Somebody is Me…

I have huge wings that I cannot hide and a feeling in my heart that I cannot deny. I am in such a fix that there is no going ahead and no turning back either. I am hoping to find an answer soon…  But I don’t know how… I have never seen so much blood […]

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Dear Diary…

Dear Diary, I don’t know what was in it… What happened in those months and why is it gone now …  But I’ll still like to pen down the beginning for you to know…  May be I’m telling you more because I want to tell myself my story again… I don’t know. It was his […]

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Stop animal driven carts!

“We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.” ― César Chávez In which century are we? I am a dweller of Bangalore, India and outside the temperature is above 35˚C. […]

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I picked up my mocha latte and hurried towards office. No car today. The chill had set in quite bad and it was very foggy for a happy morning. The smoke from my coffee seemed to whirl up and disappear in the chilly fog settled on the grass and amidst the trees. Winter—beautiful yet so severe; mysteriously […]

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Who are our dogs?

I’m writing this post thinking of all dog lovers specifically. I am simply crazy for dogs as pets but due to my daily schedule, I know I will not be able to find enough time for my pet and thus I didn’t keep any. However, I spend ample time with street dogs in my locality. […]

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